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  • Family History
    Who's In Your Family History ? Look here to find out.  
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    Guitars & Music  
  • Cycling
    A Beginners Guide to Cycling. What happens when you decide to ride?  

New Dynamic Design

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All New Look & Feel

Mildly Amused is sporting an all new web design based on Joomla 1.5 and a RocketTheme template.

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Our Ancestor Databasae

Most sites offer just static lists and pieces of pedigree charts.

We now offer a live database to search. Have a name? Give it a shot and see if it's in there.

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Music & Guitars

At Mildly Amused, we love music, especially blues guitar.

We are first year players and are sharing our beginning guitar experiences and music.

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Cycling Through LIfe

We also have a passion for cycling, which we also began this year.

Here you will find our beginners experiences with cycling.

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While we have made great changes to the new site, some things have not changed.

The essence of Mildly and Ethos was always solid genealogy and family history work around our ancestors. We stayed away from endless links to sites all over the world and connections and lists that really weren't central to our mission.

That hasn't changed here on the new site. We are still solidly focused on our own ancestors and will try to keep the clutter and miscellaneous links to a minimum.  We hope you like what we've kept.  What we tried to keep was CONTENT. Content is what most sites lack and hopefully we have something of interest to you.

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Below is a list of Mildly Amused Top New Features enabled by our RocketTheme Template and Joomla 1.5 design:

1Advanced Menus: Drop down menus everywhere. This speeds you on your way . Easy as pie.

260+ Positions: Flexible page design lets us put content anywhere and display it with ease.

35 Module Variations: Techno speak for allowing content from multiple types of sources.

4Content Typography: No more font problems! Our site manager takes care of it

5Mobile Device Support: Your mobile devices should be able to see the website.

66 Preset Styles: We allow you to change the color scheme to one of 3 great styles.

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Family History

Who's In Your Family History ? Look here to find out.



Guitars & Music

Guitars & Music




A Beginners Guide to Cycling. What happens when you decide to ride?



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  • Genealogy Content
    Vote and let us know what you think about our genealogy content and ancestor search functions.
  • Guitars & Music Section
    Vote here and rate our Guitars & Music section.  Music and our pursuit of playing the guitar is all new content for us. We know we are pretty lean...
  • Cycling Section
    Vote here on our new Cycling section.  As first year cyclists we are learning many new skills and abilities. Please give us a vote on how our section...

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